Zante Family Support Center | About us
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About us

The foundation "Family Support Center of Zante" has the status of public benefit, specialists have 15 years of experience working with abused children, families with children and abused adults. Social workers, clinical psychologists, social educators work in the center on a daily basis, and other institutions and specialists are brought in as necessary to ensure high-quality rehabilitation. Various projects are implemented, within the framework of which additional methods are introduced, such as Canistherapy, Art therapy, etc., which help to improve the rehabilitation time.

The support center is located in the very center of Kandava county, Zante parish, in a two-story building, in an area that is fenced off with a fence and a gate. The entrance door of the building is equipped with a security code that prevents unauthorized persons from entering the center and makes the clients of the support center feel safe.

Ēkas 2.stāvs pilnībā pakārtots centra klientu komfortam. Centrā ir iekārtotas 10 komfortablas istabas ar visu nepieciešamo bērniem vecumā no pirms skolas vecuma līdz pusaudžu vecumam, kā arī istabas, kas piemērotas māmiņām ar jaundzimušajiem, sanitārās telpas, kas piemērotas dažādu vecumu bērniem. Divas atpūtas telpas, kur bērni var kopīgi atpūsties, spēlēt spēles, lasīt grāmatas, rotaļāties, skatīties TV, veikt radošās nodarbības utt. Kā arī sporta zāle, kurā ir bumbu vanna, galda hokejs, novusa galds, vingrošanas bumbas u.c.

1st floor of the building is decorated with a specialist working areas - social workers, psychologists. On the ground floor is a professional kitchen, where every day is being prepared for a full and healthy daily meals. Laundry facilities, lecture / meeting room, as well as with modern technology equipped interrogation room.

Foundation '' Zante family support center '' area is well-maintained playground, suitable for different age groups of children, outdoor activities.

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