Zantes ģimenes atbalsta centrs | It also casts an eye over a ‘dive’ in markets which analysts
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It also casts an eye over a ‘dive’ in markets which analysts

It also casts an eye over a ‘dive’ in markets which analysts

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There is only one story this morning as , love him or hate him replica prada , Donald Trump is now the new tenant at the White House. With Clinton having only just conceded defeat most of the world is still reeling in shock but a few papers have begun to make sense of the craziness.Brexit standard bearer The Daily Mail hails the ‘seismic’ election results which have sent ‘shockwaves across the world’ as it reports on the surprise result which jolted America into a new era overnight. It reports on how a ‘giggling’ Nigel Farage is now seeking to be made an EU ambassador for the US as Clinton’s supporters ‘weep openly’. Guardian reporters meanwhile are stocking up on tins of beans as it reports on how Trump’s victory has ‘stunned the world’. It also casts an eye over a ‘dive’ in markets which analysts fear will be ‘bigger than Brexit’ as volatility looks to become the new norm. Leading with the headline ‘Trump Triumphs’ the New York Times looks at how Trump’s ‘message of restoration’ paired with ‘divisive racial appeals’ ultimately proved so effective as the ‘stunning culmination of an explosive, populist and polarizing campaign’. Over at the Wall Street Journal coverage focusses on the ‘populist wave’ which carried Trump to the White House but it also notes how the surprise win poses ‘uncertainty abroad’. It writes: “From Berlin to Beijing, leaders are watching whether Mr. Trump will follow through on populist and protectionist pledges.” BuzzFeed staffers meanwhile dispel some of the morning’s fear with ’23 Fucking funny Tumblr posts about cats’ before zeroing in on social media reaction to the result. This ranges from a nascent campaign to encourage Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020 to ’18 Tweets about how America has out-Brexited Brexit.’ This article is about: World, Donald Trump, Media

Donald Trump’s shock election victory dominates global press

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