Zante family support center | the opportunity to donate
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The fact that someone else lieks- useful!

Very willing to accept any kind of help and support. Shoes, clothes, who do you think will fit, but fit for someone else. Bed linen - both children and adults, blankets and pillows curtains, crockery, electric appliances and repair materials for imitation jewelery, home decorations, etc.

Children things that are always the deficit - educational toys, games, baby strollers, car seats, cots with mattresses, etc.

A very useful gift for our children in the center are the materials for creative activities - colored paper, paints, plasticine, pencils, glue, drawing paper, crepe paper, yarn, thread, buttons, ribbons, beads, etc .;

As well as a very necessary and useful gifts for the household and personal care products - shampoo, shower gel, soap, sponges, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, disposable gloves, a variety of cleaning products - floors, walls, surfaces, windows, etc.

And, most importantly, that children will delight most treats - candy, cookies, cakes, juices, fruits and so on. :)

Of course, if you provide these things and bring in private is not possible or desired, but it is our desire to support then also accept donations in monetary terms, which can be transferred to our center donation account:

SEB BANK Code UNLALV2X; Account number LV56UNLA0050016626419

We accept with ī ciemoņus who want to delight children with an activity - koncetru, theaters, sporting events, talks, dances, etc.

You are welcome to our support center to delight our center children and make their everyday life more colorful! :)

For more information click on the video (in Latvian only).