Zantes ģimenes atbalsta centrs | But the rules are rules that should be applied consistently
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But the rules are rules that should be applied consistently

But the rules are rules that should be applied consistently

3 Man City Carabao Cup Final

cheap moncler jackets sale I completely understand why Alexis wanted to leave the club. This team is playing with no heart, and unfortunately it starts with the manager. As much as I love Wenger, it’s time for a major change at Arsenal. This is long overdue! He needs to retire and half the team needs to be sold/traded. Unfortunately it’s the only way to do it in the modern game. The players have become so lazy and clearly lack motivation. Sergio Aguero’s goal made Mustafi and the rest of the defense look pathetic.(2) We have not coached and prepared the players to consistently contribute at the highest level individually and as a team.(3) The economics of the game have changed but the club leadership has been late to recognize this.It will take a good three years and an overhaul at the club for us to be a top European club. Otherwise, we are in a downward spiral that if unaddressed, will cause great harm.The fact is that either way, with all the TV revenues coming in, Kroenke will be laughing his way to the bank.Aguero totally looked at Mustafi and elbowed him in the back. He did not move him forcefully or roughly though. He timed the ball and Mustafi and put him in position to rightfully stand still and brace himself against Mustafi momentum. It was smart striking taking advantage of abysmal defending.I get the subjectivity and wanting to defend your team, but do you even want to watch a sport that protects a player from taking the game so casually? There is no good excuse for a single one of Mustafi actions unless his plan was to go for a foul from the get go. I was harping on the language because you used the phrase so many times in a row and I couldn help myself. Edit: While I still don like the sound of “barge him in the back,” I myself felt ok using “barge him off” below, so maybe I just plain wrong about this point.Looking past me being a bit of a dick about that and accepting that a barge is a thing in football, I still don think that an applicable description of this foul. I not trying to take away from your experience either, but this is the premier league and that should count for something.Again, I agree with you that Aguero had eyes on Mustafi and he absolutely impeded Mustafi movement. But come on, man. That shit was soft. A premier league defender should not be looking for a foul in that situation. They should not allow that situation to unfold. Aguero did not run into him or barge him off the ball. He outmaneuvered him by positioning himself inside the flight of the ball. You can just backpedal all about the pitch and when you bump into someone it a foul. (And yes, I am aware that is a simplification of what happened).All I trying to say is that I think it fair play to Aguero. But the rules are rules that should be applied consistently and I would expect if it was the other way around a free kick would have been given against us with the pundits all still backing the ref saying he was right. That is the thing that annoys me the most, that I know we would have got punished for it and how many times in games have we seen free kicks or penalties given against Arsenal, often with cards being given as well, but we have almost identical ones against us and we get nothing.I think the rule says something like using contact to impede an opponent and that is exactly what Aguero did.I think this is the issue with VAR. Official on the pitch let the play happen because he has VAR, but VAR doesn want to be controversial (or it does, depending on the theory) so it let this slide. The problem is this isn offsides or a ball crossing the line. It subjective. Arsenal defense sucks and this is their fault. So the ruling stands and the bias is reinforced so the pundits and everyone else (incl. myself) pile on.That being said, I still stand by my point that I rather it not be a foul because that shit was soft and I do think it our defenses fault. I prefer to see Auba elbow Kompany in the back today and get away with it.”I wrote a few weeks back that I think the heart was ripped out of Arsenal when they left Highbury. The new stadium is a soulless bowl, beautiful to look at and comfy to sit in but everything about it is designed around image and luxury without any thought to what the typical traditional supporter wants. And that typical of Arsenal as a club today. A board who only interest is turning over a massive profit year after year. Success doesn matter to those people. They don even need to play in the CL any more because of the huge amounts of TV money they get in the PL. What other club the size of Arsenal would keep faith with a manager after more than a decade of mediocrity? I feel for the fans, I really do. They pay the highest prices in the country for this and deserve better.”. cheap moncler jackets sale

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