Zantes ģimenes atbalsta centrs | The new model is much lighter
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The new model is much lighter

The new model is much lighter

A serious case of the hiccups so bad that you’re likely to drag yourself to the ER can actually be a sign of a stroke. Experts don’t totally understand why, except that a particular type of stroke, one that occurs in the back of the brain rather than the top, is linked more often to hiccuping, and it’s a type of stroke seen more frequently in women. These stroke signaling hiccups would typically be accompanied by chest pain, numbness, or a little blurry vision, but the hiccups are likely to be so bad, you might not even notice other symptoms..

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young and make yourself an opportunity to prove that he believes that there is efficiency, but yet – WD Connect can apply by sending a CV.

Field Operation Manger (Yangon & Mandalay) M / F (2) Posts
• Qualification
– A university degree in any field
– Strong interest in tech
– Able to Speak, read and write good Myanmar (not just English)
– Speaking Chinese is a plus

• Responsibilities
– Build the team
– Talk to stakeholders, door to door and point to point
– Manage the team to meet the target
– Handles customers and business partners complaints
– Acquires business partners and customer
– Organize Road show

• Attractive compensation with Accommodation and Relocation
WD Connect
WD Connect 09 26 35 1 555 0 (Viber)
09 26 35 1 555 1 > B, (15/2) Anawrahta housing, Hledan> andyoustillhere, Yangon. Hermes Replica Bags

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