Zantes ģimenes atbalsta centrs | But individuals, politicians, agencies, academics, and other
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But individuals, politicians, agencies, academics, and other

But individuals, politicians, agencies, academics, and other

But if we doing a formation for accountability ten minutes before the event, why the fuck do I need to be fifteen minutes early to the formation?Grinds my fucking gears, I tell you what.CapitalJeep 8 points submitted 11 days agoFunny this is that there is a lot of sarcasm from outside of the IT field about this however your statement is very accurate. Things change so frequently that being able to utilize other peoples knowledge in forum is super valuable.I imagine that this is also why creating valuable content in SKT and even CDCs for 3DX career fields is so challenging. Everything except basic knowledge (like “What is a computer”) changes so frequently or has so many ways of completing the same task that to make it testable is questionable v.

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